The Disturbing Outcome of Obesity

When the average American sits at the dinner table with two choices in front of them, one of them is a healthy, boneless, skinless chicken breast, and a salad; the other is a delicious, greasy burger, and crispy fries, most Americans will choose the delicious, greasy burger and fries. This is a major cause in the rise of obesity throughout the United States. Unhealthy eating is a major problem in the US and leads up to obesity which has humiliating side effects. Surveys have been conducted on the Body Mass Index (BMI) in adults and are compared to the death rate. The surveys are done by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, and the deaths caused by obesity are calculated by the International Classification of Disease, Ninth and Tenth Revision. (Borrell, and Samuel, 2014, p. 512)
Eating too much junk food without increasing daily exercise will cause the average person to gain weight. Continuous weight gain will result in obesity and possible cause a person to get cardiovascular disease (CVD), which could result in death. The data collected from death rates and surveys of BMI show that, “Compared with normal-weight adults, obese adults had at least 20% significantly higher rate of dying of all-cause or CVD” (Borrell, and Samuel, 2014, p.512). The connection between these death rates and obesity are significant,this can end a person’s life; is unhealthy eating really worth dying for? Studies show that, “obese adults not only had higher rate of dying of all-cause or CVD-specific causes but also are dying earlier than normal-weight adults” (Borrell, Samuel, 2014, p. 518). Making healthier choices could prevent obesity and help to prolong your life.
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...on, 2009, p. 19). When someone decides to continuously eat healthy, the effect is a healthier person. Being healthy is extremely important when trying to prevent obesity, but it can be prevented. People need to be aware of the rise in obesity and do more in their lives to help prevent it from becoming an epidemic. It would be hard to imagine walking in public and seeing almost all Americans looking disturbingly, obese because of their poor diet and exercise choices; poor choices will result in a dreadful and unwanted outcome.

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