The Distinction Between Poetry And Musical Composition Lyrics

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What is the distinction between poetry and musical composition lyrics? This is an often asked question by students or casual readers of poetry. While it’s facile to give the answer that poems don’t have any music abaft them and musical composition lyrics do, that doesn’t genuinely expound anything It is certainly true that poems are edified for better or worse in classrooms and made a component of the canon of literature, whereas musical compositions, especially popular ones, conventionally are not. If musical composition lyrics are studied in school, often it is ethnographically or anthropologically, to learn something about a culture, not as literature per se. What some musicians want is not to be considered poets, but for their lyrics to be read with the same reverence they imagine poems are. However what is not mentioned is how common the two are. Lyrics creates meaning through poetic elements such as rhyme, imagery, allegory, and repetitions. A great song that displays the poetic elements through the lyrics is Candyman by Zedd and Aloe Blacc when taken out of a musical context. Many musical artists present their musical composition lyrics as poetry. This reflects not a commercial move on their component, but a desire for the words they intend to be taken earnestly. For example, Candyman by Zedd and Aloe Blacc displays poetry through imagery. Imagery in literature brings a story to life for the reader. It draws the reader in and surrounds them with the environment of the narrative. The use of imagery will make the reader fully understand the circumstances under which the characters of a story live. It provides vivid illusions to picture in your mind. “Living for tomorrow, Lost within a dream, Tryna find the answer to the quest... ... middle of paper ... ... story. It seems absurd to contend that lyrics inherently have less literary merit than poetry, or are more facile to engender, or are less valuable in a cultural or human sense, and ergo somehow do not deserve the rarified denomination of “poetry.” But the desire to consider lyrics as literature reflects some hapless and sedulous biases that are detrimental to both poetry and musical composition. This desire postulates that poems, because they are “literature,” must be solemn, that is, intended in forms that reflect conspicuous mastery of literary mannerisms (whether formal, like rhyme or metrical language, or something more elusive like elaborate fanciness of some kind). And it surmises that what is valuable about lyrics is how they reflect those literary values and skills. Music also uses poetic elements to function as a way to deliver a message to its listeners.

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