The Disputation Of Barcelona By Pablo Christiani

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The Disputation of Barcelona was held through a period of 5 days in June of 1263 where Pablo Christiani, a monk that was a former jew, and Rabbi Moshe, son of Nachman Gerondi, philosopher, physician and a Jewish intellect in the Middle ages, participate in a disputation in the Kingdom of Aragon. King James and his wife Queen Yolanda host this disputation hoping for the conversion of Judaism to Christianity to be easy and simple and recruit Pablo Christiani to represent the christians while Rabbi Moshe is there representing the Jewish. This film shows the constant fight of religions trying to take out the Jewish religion and force a conversion. While they tried it through a disputation they never did stop torturing the Jews and forcefully convert them just to get their way. Through the film it will show their viewers the contradictions of the the talmud, the messiah and the way the christians accept the defeat of the disputation. This disputation known as a debate or argument was introduced in the beginning of the film stating that the reason why the Queen and King of Aragon created the disputation was for the purpose of having a mass conversion to Christianity making them more powerful than their neighboring kingdom for the power of persuasion in converting an entire religion and making them stronger than other religions. In allowing and hosting this disputation they were confident that Pablo Christanti would convert the strong minded Rabbi Moses resulting in the conversion of the jews to Christianity. They believed that by converting them they would save them from going to hell and share with them the blessings of Christianity. Thus the King and Queen left the task to Pablo to convert however the Rabbi proved to be more of a ... ... middle of paper ... ...te what he said down the Christians became angry and the Rabbi was to die. He knew that in winning this disputation it has caused a lot of controversy and made it harder for the Jews to live in peace. Finally this filmed gave its viewers an insight on Christianity during the medieval times where the people who weren 't Christians had a hard time in these kingdoms where they forcefully converted them and took away their culture their family and their identity to be stronger than their enemies. By forcing the conversion many people killed themselves and their families to stay true to their religion and their faith. This just shows that in those times even if they said that they would live in harmony with one another there will always be one who is superior than the other causing the oppression of the other religions and leading to the deaths of many innocent devotees.

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