The Disney World Is The Premiere Disney Destination

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Disney World is the premiere Disney destination by far. Firstly, when I went to Disney World this last summer I expected the experience would be similar to the trip I took to California’s Disneyland when I was little, but on a larger scale. To my surprise it wasn’t. In other words, my expectations were blown out of the water. Even though Disney World wasn't the first Disney park like Disneyland was it has added an abundance of pizazz to the Disney industry and is its jewel. Disney World’s several parks, customer service, facilities, attractions and much more designate it the utmost desired Disney park trip. One aspect that elects Disney World the finest destination is the amount of kingdoms or parks, and size of it. In fact, Disney World is composed of 4 different amusement parks and 3 water parks which allows its visitors more options than any other Disney park in the US. For example, in Animal Kingdom one of the parks of Disney World you can view an abundance of live animals and experience several Asian cultures. Furthermore, parking your own rental car at Disney World is more convenient since each park has its own parking lot that's about the size of a football field. Also, if you purchase preferred parking at the Disney Kingdom's you could practically park right in front of the gates. Another reason why Disney World is a first-rate vacation spot is due to the fact that they have there own freeway that can be effortlessly navigated by any out of state driver, meaning no extra stress for visitors. Lastly, Disney World made it even easier for guests that stay in one of their on site hotel resorts to enjoy the magic of Disney by allowing guests to have souvenirs sent straight to their room after purchase rather having to ca... ... middle of paper ... money. Lastly, the amount of people that go to Disney world during certain times of the year is also a downside due to the fact that it can become exceedingly packed meaning long wait times for attractions. Since the park can become so packed they close Magic kingdom-the main park of Disney World-at noon so no new guests may enter the park. In general Disney World is a superb vacation destination that practically has no rivals. When I traveled to Orlando, FL to go to Disney World I was simply ecstatic and for good reason. Even though it is not the first Disney park and is expensive, it certainly had some great assets and features that I enjoyed. The experience was well worth the cost. Altogether Disney Worlds enumerable size, cast members, clean facilities, amusement attractions, and magical qualities make it the most wonderful Disney vacation spot in the US.

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