The Disney Princess Effect Analysis

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Are the little girls in America being robbed from their privilege of having a childhood? Stephanie Hanes, a freelance journalist, believes so and she decided to express her opinion in the article “ Little girls or Little women ? The disney Princess effect”. Hanes argues that in todays society , little girls are being taught ,unintentionally, to be sexual at an early age. In consequence of this , toddlers are trying to achieve the pre-teen goal to be sexy at such an early age. It all starts with the influence and example that The Disney princesses give to their young fans. For the reason that the article appeared in magazines and in the USA today ,the targeted audience must to be the parents that have female toddlers at home. The author connects…show more content…
Hanes shares the story of Mary Finucane and her 3 year old daughter. Mary allegedly observed that her daughter has stopped playing like a toddler should, running etc., and instead began to play with dresses and heels after watching Princess movies. Mary also states that her daughter just sits in the front yard waiting for her so called prince charming ( Hanes 1). Hanes might of placed this in the beginning for a reason. For the argumentation that the audience will right away be hooked and question themselves about their own children , and if this has happened to their children as well “ When Finucane mentioned her suspicions to other parents they mostly shrugged … Everyone seemed to think it was inevitable” (Hanes1 ). The author might of also placed this in the beginning to confirm the audience that are not the only ones who have experienced this with their children , and to break the ice “ It was violating, in a sense , that a lot of parents were experiencing it” ( Hanes 2). Finucane also began a blog, support group, named “ Disney princess full recovery: bringing sexy back to full refund” ( Hanes 2) , she was amazed just about how many people followed the…show more content…
The reader feels disturbed, anger and enraged at the beginning and all through out the article at Disney and TV in general. Disney in specific because of its intended audience, which is children. Hanes says “ The $4 billion Disney Princess empire was the first step down a path scarier challenges , from self objectification “ ( Hanes 2) . Notice how Hanes uses the word objectification and first step , these words set the tone of the article. Some of the audience might of felt betrayed by Disney for making and promoting movies/shows that cause that type of change in a little girls life in such an early stage. The audience could as well be questioning themselves if the company Disney was doing it on purpose Hanes says ,“ Hannah Montana, then High School Musical. I thought it was so strange that these were the new trajectories of female childhood” ( Hanes

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