The Disease Of Alzheimer 's Disease

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Alzheimer disease, sources and warning sings, explanation of sickness as an intellect breakdown. Cognitive and intellectual is one of the Alzheimer’s disease forms in other words known Dementia. Dementia disease kills brain cells, which can weaken tissues in all parts of the brain cells slowly over times to affect person’s ability to perform daily common work. For example, remembering things, directions, past memories etc. Onset of the disorder: Frist of all, offset of Alzheimer’s are unknown while scientist argue that the Alzheimer might accuse due to heritable genes or the affect of environment while over 4 million people are suffering from this deadly disease. Researchers also believe that the Alzheimer disease accurse due to Neurofibrillary and Amyloid plaques. Family history, cholesterol, blood pressure are also risk factors but not proven while researcher are still studding and searching for the answerers to find the causes of Alzheimer disease. According to Mayo Clinic, the cause of Alzheimer is due to combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that affect brain over time. Also 5 percent of the time cause of Alzheimer is a specific genetic change that develops Alzheimer disease. (Staff, 2014) Different people experiences different things after they have been affected with Alzheimer disease, which also includes life spans. “A person with Alzheimer 's lives four to eight years after diagnosis, but can live as long as 20 years, depending on other factors”. (Stages of Alzheimer 's) Alzheimer doesn’t just effects the person but the whole family that goes through mental and financial stress until the disease takes the most presses person they love the most in the world. According to David Perlmuttter MD, arou... ... middle of paper ... ...sound waves that move at a much higher frequency than humans can hear — at the mice’s brains,” according to Popular Science. The team found that the waves stimulated microglia, a cell that attacks unwanted items in the brain and strengthens the immune system. The researchers found that 75 percent of the mice that underwent the treatment had a severe decrease of plaque”. (SILLERS , 2015) Prognosis: Therefore, with all the advanced equipment’s that medical field are using the to find the answers to cure different illness and disease, we are still fighting battle with deadly incurable diseases like Alzheimer’s which takes many life to this day. The scientist and researchers working on fight Alzheimer’s give people hope to one day they will have a answer and a treatment with will help there loved once to live happy healthy life with there live long mummeries in place.
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