The Discussion Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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In the discussion of physician assisted suicide, one controversial issue has been whether or not it should become legal across the United States. On one hand, some oppose that it is not right for individuals to take their own life, with a physician 's help. On the other hand, if you are terminally ill and in a lot of pain, you should have the right to end your life with the help of a physician or someone else 's help. My view of the topic is that I am for allowing those people who are terminally ill to end their life to quit their suffering. However, people someone should check to see if the law is safe. If the law is not safe, then they should take the time to make it safe. Maybe there needs to be some arrangements that need to be fixed or adjusted. Physician assisted suicide is commonly known as Statutory euthanasia. It is when a terminally ill patient requests a physician to prescribe them a lethal pill, which they can choose to take at any time they feel it is right to hasten their death.. Statutory euthanasia is legal in three states: Oregon, Washington, and Vermont. The terminally ill are the only ones who should be allowed for this. The idea of physician assisted suicide being legalized is to allow it to the terminally ill whose life expectancy is low, should have the option to choose to end their life in a peaceful manner. Soon so they do not have to suffer from the pain they are facing . No one should ever force someone going through a lot of pain to stay alive until their body decides to give up. Some American’s fear that once physician assisted suicide becomes legal, that maybe someone who is depressed will probably take advantage or abuse it. However, it will most likely not occur because there may be safeguards t... ... middle of paper ... ...lives as well. And there may be a lot of deaths if they legalize assisted suicide. According to Margaret Somerville, “To legalize euthanasia would damage important foundational societal values and symbols that uphold respect for human life”(Somerville ). Margaret’s point is that legalizing euthanasia will harm society because if people choose it they will lose everyone 's respect. Physician assisted suicide should not be okay to get legalized in every state, either way if a person does not want to lose respect they will not use it. Physician assisted suicide will continue to always be a controversial issue to whether it should or shouldn’t be legal across the United States. Even though it would be good to make it legal for those people who are terminally ill, only for them no one else. They need to be diagnosed with terminal illness to use physician assisted suicide.
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