The Discovery of The Mass-Energy Equivalence

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Scientists ranging from James Clerk Maxwell and Max von Laue have been claimed to be true discovers of the Mass-Energy Equivalence, which has popularly been credited to Albert Einstein’s “Theory of special relativity” back in 1905. There has been many controversies, but in conclusion Einstein is the official claimer.(Ball, P. (n.d.). The equation proved that energy and matter are linked. This was only one of the major breakthroughs that Einstein made in 1905 and his best work was yet to come in later years.
Mass-Energy Equivalence is the concept that the mass of an object or system is the measurement of its energy content. “E=mc2 is a sequence of special relativity”. Although the Algebra in the equation is very basic, it demonstrates an inherent fundamental difficulty for direct experimental verification, This formula is one of the most popular and important in the world of physics, according to (Dr. Michael Jentschel). E=mc2 basically explains that energy and mass are interchangeable, they are the same thing in different forms , This equation helps us understand the most basic natural process of the universe. Einstein's equation also perfectly describes what's happening when we produce nuclear energy. As Arlin Crotts, a professor of astronomy at Columbia University, puts it, "our entire understanding of nuclear processes would be sort of lost without it." We live in a nuclear world! This equation sprawled a whole other branch of science, literally, being “High energy particle physics”. Proper use of particle accelerators, as well as the analysing of high-speed collisions within them, this wouldn't be possible without a thorough comprehension of mass-energy equivalence, which is what Einstein discovered with his theory of specia...

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...eas that had been around for a long time but had also been thought to be different. He put together the concept of mass and the concept of energy and showed that they are actually the same thing when you think about them correctly. So his equation, E = mc2, theE is for energy and the m is for mass, and he showed that given a certain amount of mass you could calculate the amount of energy it contains. Or, alternatively, given an amount of energy, you can determine how much mass you can create from it. So mass and energy, he showed, are the ultimate convertible currencies. They are different carriers of some fundamental stuff that you can call energy, with mass simply being one manifestation of energy. But there are other manifestations: heat and light, radiation, and so forth. These are now recognized to all be different facets of one idea, one entity called energy.
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