The Discovery Of Stars: The Importance Of The Stars

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From the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, to the Three Wise Men and modern day Muslims, the stars have always been of great cultural and spiritual importance for people all across the globe. The constellations have meanings that exemplify different types of people and things in the natural world. These stars are the “blueprint” of humanity, giving mankind a better understanding of the world and themselves through the astrological birth chart. There are three vital references of the astrological chart that are necessary to understanding the signs of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. These sources of insight are found in an array of literature such as Psalm Eight, the legend of the constellation Perseus and A Child 's Dream of a Story written by…show more content…
There is not one reason to explain the lack of interest of the stars, but that does not mean they are not important. On the contrary, their importance is immeasurable as it aids the great minds of today in discovering new facts about the Universe. Most scientists think that the universe started out containing only a few atomic elements, mostly hydrogen and helium. However, when examining the universe thousands of stars can be seen, and within those stars are elements that were not previously known until further investigation of these constellations. The discovery of these numerous elements has been just the humble beginnings of what would come to be known from their presence and scientists astute observations. One example of a scientific contribution conjured up from the studying of the stars, is the realization that the sun is in fact a star. Initially, this may seem impossible because the scale difference of the sun and the average star upon first glance. In reality, though the sun is actually no larger than the average star it only appears so large because it is closer to earth. Additionally, it was found that the sun is a source of energy, able to produce lush landscapes and food through the process of photosynthesis and also a source of energy in regard to solar engineering. Without rejuvenating sunlight the sun produces, mankind itself would cease to exist. These are just a few of the reasons as to why it is crucial to have a solid understanding of the awe invoking stars that we depend on for our very existence. One real world application of the knowledge of stars is in some countries like Africa, where a farmer will use the constellations, such as Leo and Capricorn to determine the correct time to plant and harvest crops. The stars used as an indication to plant and harvest

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