The Disaster: The Causes Of The Titanic Disaster

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The Titanic Dr. Roger McCarthy, disaster analysis expert, Exponent, Inc. noted, "The Titanic is one of the most classic illustrations of that: had just one thing been different, the disaster wouldn't have happened" (McIver 1). Meaning, the Titanic could have easily been prevented. Although the Titanic was a very nice and fancy boat, The Titanic was proved on April 14, 1912, that is was sinkable. The Titanic set sail from Southampton, England and was sailing for New York. At 11:35 at night, a member of the crew noticed the iceberg (Vander 1). This crew member was the captain Edward J. Smith. By the time he could do anything about it, the ship had already hit the iceberg (Landau 7).There were 2,208 people on board that night (Johnson 2). Due…show more content…
A crew member received multiple warnings the night of the accident but chose not to listen (Ballard 18). Not only he caused the boat to sink, but there was also a defect when the people first built the Titanic. “...the individual bulkheads were indeed water could pour from one compartment into another, especially if the ship began to list or pitch forward,” ( 1). If the Titanic were to hit something and somehow move upside down, the ship would flood from the very front. The third cause of the disaster was the reliability of the radio. The crew tried warning other ships about the disaster, but because their radio technology was not necessarily reliable, they could not find help fast enough to get there before the Titanic would sink. When the ship hit the iceberg, the front section of the ship started flooding. Eventually, people started getting in lifeboats. Which leads to the last cause of the disaster, there were not enough lifeboats to spare for everyone. They did try getting help, but the only help they got was the Carpathia. Unfortunately, it was too…show more content…
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