The Disaster Of The Lost in “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop

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In “One Art” by Elizabeth Bishop, she brings up lose in many different forms whether it is concrete or abstract. Her complete message though is that it is evitable that throughout our lives we will lose, but lose shouldn’t be a disaster in the end.

In lines 1-15 she discusses losing items in your life whether they are concrete or abstract. What she is trying to emphasize is that lose is something we automatically do making it easy to master. She wants us to realize that losing these items isn’t a bad move on our part but merely a habit. On line 5 she refers to her lost keys and line 10 her mother’s lost watch. Both items may seem important and have some value at the time but losing them won’t ruin her life. She makes the statement “lose something everyday” on line 4, and she is right we lose things everyday. We are constantly misplacing things and are never able to find them again. What is the point in fretting over that something you lost? Those keys and that watch may happen to be lost at the moment but they will be found and lost again it is the cycle it all goes through. When it boils down to it, it is no big deal whether you lose something or not; it happens. On line 5 she also discusses losing something more abstract, time. When she mentions “the hour badly spent” it reminds me of wasting time. In most live the wasting of time is a common occurrence. What she wants to tell us is that it is easy to waste time and shouldn’t be a big deal, since lose of time is something easy to master. That hour badly spent can be taken back and reused, so what would be the point in wasting more time by crying over that wasted time. Instead you could be doing something more with your time. In line 11 she refers to the three houses she los...

... middle of paper ... we see her admit in lines 18-19. She says “the art of losing’s not too hard to master though it may look like (Write It!) disaster”, she admits to herself that she has to write it because it is so true. Losing someone is difficult and probably the worst lose which is why she left it for last. Like the other loses though we need to realize life will go on and we can’t hold on forever. Sometimes it is better to let go a little so we don’t lose more in the end.

Lose is hard and at times seems like a disaster, but in the end it’s inevitable and something that we have to accept. It is like a cycle she shows us this in the length of her poem going from the little things to the much bigger loses in ones life. In the end I believe this shows us that we have to face loses that come and realize they aren’t a disaster.

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