The Disadvantages Of Geothermal Energy And Renewable Energy

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Energy is used in various everyday situations and activities. The ability to perform work or do vigorous activity is defined as energy (The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, 2005). Energy has two extensive categories: kinetic energy and potential energy (Trefil & Hanzen, 2013). Kinetic energy is energy with motion inside an object or the motion of the object and potential energy is energy that is stored or saved for future use (Trefil & Hanzen, 2013). There are numerous energy sources; however, energy sources are categorized into two types: renewable and nonrenewable (Trefil & Hanzen, 2013). Renewable energy cannot be exhausted and comes from sources that replenish as soon as they are used (Collins English Dictionary…show more content…
Geothermal energy advantages include: cheap, reliable, lessens dependency on fossil fuel, creates job, boosts economy, requires no fuel, environmentally friendly, the energy source is free and plentiful (The Children University of Manchester, 2012). The disadvantages of geothermal energy include: limited space where geothermal power stations can be built, sometimes geothermal site experiences dry spell of steam, difficulty controlling the harmful gases and minerals that come from the earth (The Children University of Manchester, 2012). More disadvantages of geothermal energy are: cannot be transported easily, expensive initial costs, financial risks are expensive, wells eventually deplete, and there are limited geothermal fields located in a few areas worldwide (Energy4me, 2015). Advances in technology have extended the range and size of important resources and direct applications for things such as heating the home (California Energy Commission, 2015). A geothermal field in California has one of the largest groups of geothermal power plants in the world, which makes California the appropriate location for geothermal energy (California Energy Commission,

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