The Disability And Importance Of Diversity In Education

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Inclusion is a vital and importance aspect of education that promotes effective teaching however it can often be easily neglected due to the problematic nature of teaching which may cause teachers to be overwhelmed by other aspects of teaching. I believe that inclusion is an extremely relevant component of teaching due to the diversity of students that we may interact with as a teacher. Diversity includes multiple characteristics ‘such as gender, race ethnicity…….cognitive abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs and so on’ (Spandagou, 2016) and there it will be essential for me as a teacher to understand that teaching involves a heavy amount of interaction with a diversified range of students which contribute to the relevance of inclusion…show more content…
8).The concept of inclusive education is being highlighted to great extent in recent years and I believe this is due to the combination of continuous improvement in educational strategies, increase in diversity of students, and the increase in awareness of students with disabilities and special…show more content…
In particular the Disability Standards for Education (Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, 2005) states that 'the education provider must take reasonable steps to ensure that the course or program is designed in such a way that the student is, or any student with a disability is, able to participate in the learning experiences... on the same basis as a student without a disability, and without experiencing discrimination '. This particularly highlights the importance of promoting inclusion within schools. The increase in diversity of students is also a factor that contributes to the increasing highlight on inclusive education. Australia being a multicultural country contributes to its much diversified range of students with different cultural background, religious beliefs and socio-economic status. As a result, I will need to be extremely prepared in the classroom to promote an inclusive learning environment for the students and therefore engaging the students to advocate high learning outcomes. With the increase in awareness of students with disabilities and special needs, it is therefore important for me as a teacher to be aware of the potential different learning

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