The Dilemma

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The Dilemma
Why do we try to face our problems? I believe that we face our problems to make ourselves stronger in a way. Because without facing your problems how could you excel? Some people find it easy to run away from their problems but in some cases this only might make situations worse. And in some cases people take the best with what they have and make it work. A common reason why someone might not have the motivation to strive towards their goals is because they might not have the support or anyone to push them to do better. On the other hand, some people push themselves with or without people supporting them to prove people wrong or to make something of themselves.
Everyone faces obstacles. These obstacles depending how you react to them make us who we are. I for example, face obstacles almost every day. One of my obstacles is having a conversation with my girlfriend’s father. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for two years now, and I’m still having trouble having a good conversation with him. The reason I’m having trouble having a conversation with my girlfriend’s father is because, I often get nervous and don’t want to say anything dumb. But I won’t let this small obstacle stop me because; I feel that communication is eminent when it comes to relationships. And I should be able to communicate with her family well. Some things I’ve been doing to build this relationship are ask him about his career, and I also attend golfing with him and my girlfriend Nico.

A lot of people these days take things for granted, even I. It seems as if we’re never satisfied with what we have. For example, “Jim” has an iPhone 4 but the new iPhone 5s just released, and “Jim” has to have that phone...

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...ive up their interests in school”. This quote from “Peer Pressure” essay we read in class pin point’s Kaylyn. I also think she lacked support from her mother, because her mother knew she wasn’t doing that well but didn’t do o much to help. She continued to let her go to parties and hang out with her boyfriend whenever she wanted.
Whether big or small, everybody faces some kind of adversity in their life. Through these examples we can see that what you do with the cards you’re dealt is what truly defines who you are. The reason why some people go beyond their personal limitations is because they have a great amount of self motivation and or support. People with fewer hardships may not take the steps to succeed because of no one pushing them to strive for their goals in life, or might have made some wrong choices in the past which led them into giving up.
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