The Digital Camera, An Invention And The Invention Of Thomas Edison

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“The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce instantly” (Demetri Martin, invention of the camera is a worldwide product that is being used every second. The camera is able to hold precious memories and an abundance of pictures. The camera was an invention that was regularly maintained up to date. During the time the camera was invented, it was capable to taking one picture at a time and only in black and white. Now a days, the camera has become digital. Digital cameras allow people to capture vast amount of picture in HD and colour. D Demetri Martin admires the camera with great passion because it allows him to remember the times he had captured. This famous invention was invented by a brilliant man, Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is an influential, honoured, and well known inventor throughout the world. Edison has created a bulk of inventions. He had 1093 patents over a span of 40 years. Thomas Edison is an accomplished inventor that started when his mother believed in him, the…show more content…
It began at an early stage, competition he faced with the incandescent light bulb, and all of his contributions he had developed. At an early age, his mother believed that he would be a huge success and Edison believed in himself and what his mother had said. Although, he had ear problems and being home schooled. It never stops him from becoming a genius. His true light shined at Menlo Park where he first demonstrated the incandescent light bulb. This light bulb could last over 1 200 hours and used DC power. Until, Westinghouse created a light bulb that used AC power to operate and changing the way of the light. Besides the light bulb, Edison had 1 093 patents over a span of years. Edison left a big impact on society through his contributions. Therefore, Thomas Edison was a genius throughout and after his life with an abundance of his
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