The Differing Film Languages Used in the Two Trailers for Bend It Like Beckham

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The Differing Film Languages Used in the Two Trailers for Bend It Like Beckham The purpose of a film trailer is to promote a film and to try and to portray the film genre and narrative to a certain audience to get them interested, and to encapsulate the film in a little over two minutes and hopefully indicate the unique selling point of the film. The trailer holds our attention because the images change really quickly and we must concentrate all the time or we may miss something. From the trailer we are able to get an idea of narrative and genre of the film and what visual style it will take. Film trailers target specific audiences through their film genres. The importance of a film genre is that it shows what type of film it is. The genre is established through codes and conventions. Codes and conventions are the accepted way of doing things in a particular genre. Trailers are important because they promote a film to get the largest audience possible. The trailer can also promote the high profile actors/actresses of the film as well. A poster has a harder task; it must catch our attention and give us information about the film in one still image. Bend it Like Beckham released to very different trailers which certainly has a cross-over appeal in which you can grasp the fact that one trailer is predominantly targeted towards females (Trailer 1) where there are more scenes that make girls better and show them up a bit and one is for males (Trailer 2) with scenes directed towards males, both trailers are mainly directed for teenagers to mid twenties. You would expect to see trailer 1 in the cinema before a teen chick film, or sports o... ... middle of paper ... ... She wants more, she wants to be able to play football for the girls team and be freer of her religious constraints and not just stay home and cook round djipati. She wants to fit in to the English lifestyle and fit into her team although she still stands out because of her traditional background. Conclusion: I conclude that the representations can affect the audiences attracted to each trailer, trailer 1 has fast scenes – a woman quickly change their emotions and has more female jokes like trailer 2 has more male jokes and slow scenes and has a lot of football in it. You can see how a strict Indian culture is represented and is different from English culture. You can argue that both trailers have a small range of polysemic readings due to what you can connote from certain scenes as a re presented version of reality.

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