The Different Teaching Approaches for English Language Acquisition

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Appropriate English Language Learners Assessment Language acquisition has been a topic of great controversy for several decades. During this time several approaches to English language acquisition have been developed and implemented throughout the nation. School districts nationwide have implemented these approaches in their classrooms and have trained their teachers in efforts to meet national, state and local requirements set forth by educational reform such as No Child Left Behind (Abedi, 2004). A review of some of these approaches will certainly help us understand the strengths and weakness associated with each approach reviewed. One approach that is commonly used in structured language immersion is the total physical response or TPR approach. This approach uses spoken language that guides students through the use of modeling by giving oral instruction and guiding the learners. All ELL stakeholders participate as a group thereby reducing the margin of error in response to command. The commands are not complex but rather simple in nature. This process of guided inst...
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