The Differences Of Social Class In Amazing Grace And Amazing Grace

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Humans are the most unique animals in the world and vary due to the many different traits that help to mold and sculpt one’s character. Humans’ traits may be inherited, environmentally determined, or a combination of the two (Wikipedia). Often, traits are used to categorize humans into different classes or societies. An individual’s wealth, education, and occupation ultimately determine the class that will surround him or her. The differences in wealth, education, and occupation are what constitutes the different classes in the United States. Unfortunately, the differences in class will lead to conflict within a society and is prominent in the selection, “Amazing Grace.” The main arguments in “Amazing Grace” are fueled by the differences in…show more content…
Dawson, who was born into a wealthy family and was raised with disregard to other lifestyles, conflicts with William, who was born into an impoverished family and was raised on a farm, throughout the selection. In the text, Dawson challenges himself to drive the International. He tells William, who is currently driving, “If a hick-freak like you can do it, anybody can” (Hoffman 103). This upsets William and leads to a physical altercation between the two. This is a prime example of conflict being created due to the differences in social class. Another example of conflict between the differences in social class occurs when William speaks to Dawson about being baptized. Dawson asks, “Will they let me swim?” (Hoffman 108) and William abruptly answers by saying, “No, you poor city-freak, Preacher Arbogast wont let you swim” (Hoffman 108). In this instance, William feels that his social class is superior and calls Dawson a “poor city-freak” (Hoffman 108) because he does not know how a baptism is preformed. Dawson and William both feel that they occupy a more superior social class and their different opinions lead to conflict between the

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