The Differences Between The Ottoman Empire And Islamic Caliphates

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Many centuries ago in our history, before 1450, both the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic Caliphates both were born. The Byzantine Empire took place in the Eastern Mediterranean while the Islamic Caliphates were located in the Middle East and some parts of North Africa. Both of these empires used religion to govern in their empire, and while both empires didn’t take part in the same religion, both religions still had differences and similarities when it came to governing. Both of the empires were influenced by different religions. The Islamic Caliphates were influenced by the Prophet, Muhammed who taught them the ways of their religion, and on the other hand the Byzantine Empire was influenced by Christianity. The Both the Byzantine Empire and Islamic Caliphates supported different religions which were Christianity and Islam. However, there were some similarities when it came to governing because in both of the religions the religious leader of the state was also the ruler or emperor at the time. Both of the empires used their religion to spread their government to the people of the empires. In this case the empires ways of using religion with government were different. The Byzantine Empire didn’t take too much time making their laws as they for the most part used The Roman laws with some modifications, adding some extra laws along the way. The Islamic Caliphates worshipped the Quran which was a religious text which the Islamic Caliphates believe is a religious text from God. Religion has throughout history has always been an important part of countries across the world. The world’s first religions were founded hundreds of years ago, yet they still hold an important role in today’s society. It is important to look at how religion... ... middle of paper ... converted to Christianity. The Byzantine Empires Emperor Justinian tried to get together all Christians in one place by having one church for all of them. Emperor Justinian also made a code named the Justinian Code which was used to convert all the people of the Byzantine Empire to Christianity. It stated that if you weren’t a Christian then you were not a citizen of the state. On the other hand, the people in the Islamic Caliphates lived behind a set of morals. They worshipped the Prophet, Muhammed who they believe was sent from god. Even though the Byzantine Empire ended before the Islamic Caliphates you can still compare both to how successful they were with the way the governments were ran. As time went by in both of the empires they both developed different things. Both were great empires at their time with their own unique and shared qualities.
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