The Differences Between Black And Hip-Hop Culture

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Are Black and hip-hop culture two separate entities, or two cultures that go hand-in-hand and rely on each other? The line of distinction between the two cultures is often blurred and ignored when making accusatory statements, particularly in the debate that hip-hop music is a violent and negative influence upon its audience. Although hip-hop music is thought to be violent and filled with negative content by the general audience, particularly that of non-listeners, people will place the blame for this on Black culture. While the two cultures are often intermixed and associated with one another, the idea that hip-hop mirrors and glorifies Black stereotypes instead of being Black culture itself is still open to debate. Black people are often…show more content…
While there are a few grey areas where the two cultures do interlace, the two still share their differences that often go ignored in order to justify the oversimplification of Black individuals within stereotypes. Many people would be puzzled at the idea of Black culture sans hip-hop, and this is a result of the generalization and interlacing of the two cultures over time. Whereas many people might think that Black and hip-hop culture are both about violence, sex, drug, and more, many can find the point of distinction between the two. Hip-hop culture is a subculture, one that abides by a musical genre, whereas Black culture is one of humans that is at the core of individuals. For Black hip-hop artists, they can have Black culture impact their work as it is a part of them. However, hip-hop culture does not affect Black culture. In a way, Black culture comes before hip-hop culture. Due to this, the two are not interlaced but almost linear instead. Black culture is a culture of soul, of emotion, one that displays the raw reality of years and years of oppression and marginalization. Black culture produced from the heard, from the soul, whereas hip-hop is often produced for capitalistic gain. Black culture produces for meaning, while hip-hop produces for storytelling. The two can share aspects, however they still have their differences. Black culture alone, sans hip-hop, differs largely from what is traditionally thought of as Black culture in a stereotypical
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