The Differences And Effects Of Diversity In Schools

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It is true that the school systems we go through face flaws far greater than one might think. With a school being the place where many students are “Exposed to diversity for the first time in their life,” according to John Macionis, a sociologist and author of sociology, it is to no one’s surprise that there are issues with segregation in regards to race, as the National Education Association points out, “The United States has over 44 percent non-white students”, and the nation as a whole is known for being racially diverse, but there are also issues with class and even gender. When the percentage of diversity varies from school to school and students are faced with majority groups and minority groups in terms of how many students make up said…show more content…
She states that amongst her research, “There is very little evidence that uniforms stop bullying.” She continues, “We conducted research in independent and publicly funded schools and there were few differences in rates of bullying and victimization. We didn’t publish the data separately for the type of school because there were no differences.” With no significant findings on the effects of uniforms, how can one passively suggest that they should be enforced? If the issue itself is caused from the other group being different, these differences are something that everyone will have to face in the real world. If the students cannot adapt to differences in how one looks, or the different type of cultural or economic backgrounds, how can you expect them to mature and be able to handle this in their daily life? If not exposed to diversity and taught why they should not discriminate, as they are welcomed into the real world, we will have more issues than we started…show more content…
National Crime Prevention Council has discussed these strategies and they seem to show results. The council explains, “Children are aware of racial and gender differences at a very young age, and by age twelve they have formed stereotypes. In fact, recent studies show that tolerance education is most effective between the ages of four and nine years.” So while Devlin wants to implement his strategies on high school students, studies show that this strategy will not be effective. Therefore to see changes in our high schools we first must stop the issue at it’s roots in a child 's early education career. Green Circle an educational diversity program further supports the cause by explaining that, “Educating students about other cultures, races, religions, and gender helps them understand people different from themselves. This understanding leads to greater understanding and instills critical thinking skills, creating role-playing, and cooperative learning.” If these types of programs can reach our nation 's youth at an early age, then we will not need to suggest a change in clothing to demolish differences, in fact we will be aware of the differences and have built a tolerance as Devlin want’s out nation to do, but without the act of taking away self expression and student
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