The Difference Between Truth And Lie

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The world is filled with big ideas that are debatable and intriguing. A few of those big ideas include nature/nurture, real/nonreal, truth/lie, etc. These ideas are made big when there’s no clear-cut answer to the questions that arise, or when the lie between the two is translucent. For example, discussing what determines a human versus a nonhuman, one would hit a few walls trying to define the one without defining the other; thus human/nonhuman becomes a big idea. This perspective applies to big ideas in general. Therefore, answering the question of the difference between of truth and lie is based on the vague differences and similarities the two have. Truth and lie are like two sides of a piece of paper; both sides are different, yet there’s…show more content…
As a result, the line that divides truth from lie often becomes indistinct. This indistinctiveness is due to the similarity that both truth and lie can be determined by society. Although there’s a definite line between the two ideas, society has the ability to realize how impactful it is together against others (Scott, 2014, pp. 589-591), which allows that society inflict enough input. At this point, and in most cases, what society says, goes. Going back to Ava and her interrogation of Caleb, Caleb responds with partial truths, and thus, his answers were seen as lies (Vaughan, B. K., Harris, T., 2005). Yet, in society, the average human can’t differentiate truth from partial truth. This notion of partial truth is at the center of these two different ideas being so similar. If a citizen is told a partial truth, the power is now in their hands to determine whether that statement is the truth or a lie. However, this power is dangerous (though it would only apply to partial truth situations). An example of this situation would be if the president is doing an interview, answers the questions, and the interview was made public, only later to find out that he didn’t tell the entire truth or left out essential information to whichever question. Society now has to determine truth from lie, which in dire times, can cause chaos. All in all, when there’s vagueness from both sides, truth and…show more content…
The difference is that truth will always remain true, no matter any intervening factors. Whereas, if the truth and lie are indistinguishable, it is no longer clear-cut and relies on society to determine such. An example would be from the novel ‘The Lifecycle of Software Objects’. Within the story, there’s a bot named Jax (nonhuman) who appears to care enough for his caretaker, Ana (the human), that he wants to work and earn money in order to help Ava spend more time with him (Chiang, 2010). Whether an AI can fully understand feelings and express them compared to how a human would, comes back to society making the final decision. There isn’t any exact data that proves that an AI can’t have these human emotions, thus, it’s the humans who say that yes, it’s true that an AI can actually express these emotions, or they say no it’s a lie, an AI is just a bunch of wires together. To summarize the idea, when there is no definite distinction between truth and lie, the ideas become one in the same and allows for subjectivity, or a self-conscious perspective of the subject (Scott, 2014, p.

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