The Difference Between Fair Trade And Free Trade

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I drink coffee almost every morning, yet I have never thought about the coffee industry or the process involved with the coffee trade. What I am aware of is that the coffee production is usually revolved around Africa and North America, which are destinations that are not as economically developed as New Zealand. In terms of fair trade coffee, I have never considered using it, as I did not know that there was such a system. I only purchase coffee depending on the brand; the taste would be assured, as it is popular with the majority. I also look for cheap prices and products that are on special. Even if the coffee product I purchase is fair trade, I would have only bought it because it is on special or popular with the mass. After
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Whereas, Free trade is an international system in which nations allow open trade to other countries. I believe that Fair trade is more sustainable, as it balances economic states and reduces the disparity between developed and developing nations. Fair trade supports farmers and workers who are not receiving the amount they should receive, it helps balance the economic state with developed countries. The system aims to aide the economic and social welfare of under developed nations and empowers producers who have been externalised. Fair trade not only supports economically, but also sustains families, communities, livelihood and a way of living in which they inherited from their…show more content…
The two peoples opinion on fair trade was different as they were either for or against Fair trade. One person stated that the taste and cost is what matters; the coffee has to be of good quality, yet affordable. He would consider purchasing Fair trade coffee if the price was low and the taste was assured, not for the sake of Fair trade but for the quality of the coffee. Although, he knows that buying Fair trade coffee benefit the economically disadvantaged, he is not willing to purchase such products as he states that his life is his priority. He mentions that he is busy living his life and trying to support his own livelihood, that he does not have the time or the autonomy to help

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