The Difference Between Ethics And Morality

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1. Ethics vs. Morals.
The principal aim of this assignment is to understand the difference between ethics and morals and their perspectives because it seems that most people think that both are the same and they think it is not an important topic to apply in our daily life and business. Since I was a child, I had learnt in different ways the meaning of ethics and morals, so I did know the difference between each other, although to be honest when I started this course I was still confused. Therefore, during this course, I will learn more knowledge and I will have the ability to explain each topic. The main goal is to know the meaning of each word and the differences, and then let me explain the ethical perspectives such as utilitarianism,
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Ethics is principles of right conduct. So the two nouns are closely related and are often interchangeable. The main difference is that morals are more abstract, subjective, and often personal or religion-based, while ethics are more practical, conceived as shared principles promoting fairness in social and business interactions.” (Ethics vs morals, Grammarist) it is clear, ethics are a complement of morals and ethics can determinate what are the right or wrong behaviour. However, it seems that the behaviour does depend on the people and their family traditions and values for that reason; ethics can be explained as a study of morality. For example, there is an election for president and you accept money for voting for someone who is not a reliable candidate if you accept this money, you know it is a wrong behaviour in contrast, if you decide to reject it, you are making a right decision. Both, Ethics and morals are part in this example. We can apply the word morals then, morals involve the values of right and wrong in personal behaviour. On the other hand, ethics, in this case, can be applied to the political group who offer it to the people because ethics applies to professional and business
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