The Difference Between Education and Schooling

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1.0 Introduction

Twain was famous for his quotes and one of his saying mentioned on schooling which was “I never let my schooling interfere with my education", (Twain, No Date). However, what did Twain actually try to bring to everyone’s understanding in his saying? The definition for this quote cannot be simply defined through dictionaries as there is no specific definition for these words. We can, however understand this saying through our thoughts or experience, but when we do so, various explanations are developed, which indirectly leads to several never ending interpretation. Twain saying made it clear that there is a difference between the term schooling and education. Most of us tend to have the perception that the two words carry the same meaning. The misunderstanding of the difference between both the terms has lead to confusion in various aspects. The confusion has led to many people interfering schooling with education that school means schooling and therefore overlooking the education part.
Definitely this system is not going to be successful if schooling and education do not stand in handy on each other:
Schooling is a formal form of education where students are taught in a classroom about subjects based on a curriculum..…One can be educated without schooling…..Someone does not have to be teaching students on how to read and write to educate them.

(Educational Innovation, No Date)
Schooling is the bigger picture while education is a part of schooling. Why schooling is necessary? What is the aim of schooling? The answer to these questions will be identified in this essay below.

2.0 Aims of Schooling

One of the most clearly seen and common aim of schooling is to develop individuals ‘who have skills an...

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