The Difference Between College Students And High School Students

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The level of education a student engages in directly affects various factors in the student’s life: restriction, responsibility, and social. We find ourselves having too much freedom or yearning for more, but we still seem to enjoy every minute of it. Upon attending college for about two months, I enjoy being a college student more than being a high school student. As a college student there are little to no restrictions and more freedom. However, there is much more attention needed in college, so the free time the students have is when they decide what they will do with it. The most major difference between a college student and high school student is restriction. It’s been brought to my attention that high school is more of a predetermine system and cannot be changed. For example, the student’s time schedule is set every year; there is an amount of hours the student needs to follow. Usually the time…show more content…
In high school, the friends you make in class tend to be more for entertainment and conversational purposes. In college, becoming close with someone in class tends to be more of the opportunity for a mutualistic relationship. The material covered by the professor in class can sometimes be extremely detailed. Sometimes students might not manage to get everything but if they are lucky and have made a friend in class, they might have gotten down what the students has failed to get. Now, once out of high school and into college, friends have a deeper purpose in the classroom. With all that being said, high school contrasts from college because one seems like day care for teenagers and the other is more of a real world for young adults. In high school, teachers try to teach students how to be responsible by monitoring their attendance and making them do their homework, so once they graduate and move on to college, they are more independent and prepared to succeed in higher
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