The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

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Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure about 25% of all adults have high blood pressure, normal blood pressure in an adult is measure is less than 120/80 the top number is known as systolic and the bottom diastolic any reading above this is known as hypertension. If the blood pressure is regularly high this can damage to the blood vessels kidney, heart and other parts of the body which can result in a stroke or heart attack, causes of high blood pressure may be more than one thing for example too much salt in a person’s diet, being overweight, not eating enough fruits and vegetables and other life factors like stress. It is known that doctors are not too sure of the causes but the lifestyle of a person can have an effect. As you get older you’re more at risk of getting high blood pressure (hypertension), but taking part in exercise can help reduce your changes and control your blood pressure if you have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Read in blood pressure “the American heart association estimates that a third of adults have a high blood pressure and that in America high blood pressure killed over 55,000 people in 2005 alone” (Davis,2013)
Blood pressure measures the force of which the blood is pushing against the arterials walls. Arteries are made up of muscles and Simi-flexible tissues this is stretched when blood passes through it but over time people that have high blood pressure the artery walls gets stretched beyond its limit and this can cause other health problems such as Vascular weaknesses at the begin of the this over extending of the arties walls creates weak places in the blood vessels, making it easier to become prone to rupture. Health problems like stroke, aneurysms and min...

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