The Diet Soda Debacle

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There’s no question about it, soda isn’t healthy in many forms. What about diet, you might ask? There lies the hidden problem most everybody is guilty of misinterpreting. The word diet may strike the general population as helpful, a great alternative, and a “healthier” choice. That is where the majority of people are wrong. The diet soda that is so commonly overlooked can actually cause more damage than other non-diet pops. With all the health risks involved, one might have to think twice next time someone springs for a diet drink. Let’s crack the lid of information on the wonderful world of diet soda.

What ingredients in diet soda are so different than regular that they can be classified into a “diet” labeled concoction? Diet soda is full of artificial sweeteners that are designed to give you the taste of normal soda, without the normal calorie intake. These artificial sweeteners trick the body into thinking it’s getting the sugars needed while in turn the body isn’t receiving any and ends up hungrier or likely to want to consume more. If just the fact of artificial sweeteners doesn’t have you protesting diet, maybe the rest of the ingredients will. Aspartame (another form of artificial sweetener) is a big cause to the topic of diet being more harmful than helpful. Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. This sweetener is dangerous because it is not stable in a liquid solution, and it consists of methanol which breaks down into formaldehyde and diketopiperazine - two neurotoxins known to wreak havoc on the nervous system ( Megan Heimer J.D., 3/14/2011). Aspartame is also linked to health problems such as strokes and vascular disorders. Another ingredient in this mystery drink that should be c...

... middle of paper ... for groceries; remember diet doesn’t always mean diet. There are plenty of actual healthy alternatives to diet soda. Milk, juice, water, heck maybe even regular soda can be better off in your body than the masked and falsely advertised diet drink.

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