The Development of Operating Systems

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An operating system is defined by Wikipedia as: a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs. The most common operating system worldwide is Microsoft. On November 20th 1985 Microsoft introduced windows. Microsoft came to quickly overcome other operating systems like MAC operating systems by dominating the world's personal computer market with over 90% market share. Even though MAC had been around longer, it had been introduced in 1984. (wikipedia)
Microsoft 7 is defined by Microsoft Office 2010 as: an operating system that simplifies the process of working with documents and programs by organizing the manner in which you interact with a computer. Windows 7 is used to run application software, which consists of programs designed to make users more productive and/or assist them with personal tasks, such as word processing. (Shelly and Vermatt)
AS of October 2013 Microsoft has many different ways of using its operating systems anything from a computer to a cell phone and may others in-between. Although Microsoft is the most popular operating system there are still other to choose from such as: Android, Apple, Berkeley Software Distribution, iOS (previously iPhone OS), Linux, OS X (previously Mac OS X), Quantum Software Systems (BlackBerry), and Windows Phone.

The three most popular operating systems for cell phones are Android, Apple (iPhone), and Windows. Though they make similar there are many differences between the three. Some of them are: Windows was the first to introduce the Start button with Windows 95. In Windows 8, a user must create a profile that includes access to Microsoft's cloud network, whereas in Android uses Google and Gmail, and iPhones u...

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...hen next operating system designer or creator. Personally I don’t have a real preference for cell phones I have had an android phone and IPhone. Who knows maybe my next one will be a windows phone. Only time will tell. While doing this research paper I noticed that there really wasn’t a whole lot of major differences between these operating systems other than their names.

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