The Development of Christianity in Europe

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The development of Christian Europe consisted of many different philosophies and ideals. These ideals helped shape what Christianity is today. Augustine had many different ideas than Calvin and Luther, but they also had similar ideas and all had their sights set on transforming Christian as a religion.
In early Christian Europe Augustine writes, discusses, and explains the relationship Christianity has with different religions, society, and the Roman government. Augustine challenged the views and beliefs of the pagan faith. One of the views that Augustine challenged was the claim that people must worship the old gods to gain material success. Augustine also represents a conflict with the City of God and the City of man, which is a very influential idea in the development of Christian Europe. Augustine also lays out his theological translation in which he believes is linear and predetermined.
Augustine’s ideas stemmed from a series of events that took place in the 5th century. During this time the city of Rome was captured by the Vandals. This was significant because the city of Rome was very powerful and thought to be indestructible. This was a city that was seen as a city that would never fall. The capturing of this great city led to the fall of the Roman Empire in the west. Romans saw this destruction as a form of punishment for converting from the traditional Roman religion to Catholic Christianity. Pagans believed Christians were to blame for the fall of the Roman Empire. The Christians didn’t like the fact that Christians wanted to be more faithful to their God rather than their state. It was believed that the Christian God was the one true God, so the Romans couldn’t understand why this God didn’t protect them like he shoul...

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... Martin Luther had trouble controlling his tongue, and John Calvin was believed to fight the battle of faith with weapons of the world. However, all three of these men will always be remembered for their ideas, beliefs, and philosophies set forth to transform Christianity as a religion. Each one of these men transformed Christianity in a particular and unique way. Augustine taught salvation from God with Luther’s ideas on the Word and Calvin’s ideas on Scripture. These men transformed Christianity during their time and shaped Christianity for Christians for years to come. When Christians looked at these men’s lives they seen glory and trust in God to overcome worldly views and shortcomings. Although these three men had different views, all three believed if you put your faith and trust in God you would succeed in the social realm and in the faithful aspects of life.

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