The Development Of Plastic And The Modern Era

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There has been a vast advancement in the industrial development. The development of plastic has been a boon to the modern era. The development and advancement in the modern technology has played significant role in the various stages of the modernization. Although the introduction to plastics has been a significant step in the industrialization, the excessive use of the plastic products has affected environmental sustainability. Proper planning is very essential to implement the sustainability actively. There are many steps taken by various businesses to minimize the harm the plastics can do to the environment by reduce, reuse and recycle. One of the recent examples of planning to strengthen sustainability is by Walmart Inc. It has taken initiative towards sustainability index making it global including the major cities. The plastics have undoubtedly helped in the revolutionary change in the modern era, but they have disastrous impact on the environment. The mankind is solely responsible for this, and they have to take an immediate and long-term action on this matter from reducing to...
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