The Devaluation of Necessities

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While money is a substantial necessity, its value is attenuating the value of more principal things which can be deemed priceless such as relationships and self respect. “Money is the root of all evil” is a quote that is often used to contrast the human behavior and how money affects it negatively. In the complex novel “The Great Gatsby”, the author F. Scott Fitzgerald utilizes many literary instruments which have enhanced the reader’s understanding of the major universal idea: the relation appertaining to the detrimental influences of fortune, characterized by the wealth. In the novel, wealth is greatly valued by society, and wealth has a negative impact on individuals. Fitzgerald has elaborated in depth with this universal idea of the devaluation of necessities of life such as time, relationships, and dignity, which he emphasizes using various literary elements such as character development, conflict, and motivations as these aspects can all adequately relate to the same general idea of the novel.
Money is often how one measures the value of materialistic items of this world, but in the novel, it is ironic how money has made the characters lose the knowledge of value of non materialistic items which money cannot buy. In many of the major character’s lives, wealth has negatively altered their way of life as they fail to view things with value anymore. An example of that is the character development of Daisy throughout the course of the book. In the beginning of the novel, Daisy was described as a young, rich, and innocent woman at the time Gatsby Gatsby, subsequently known as Gatsby, had first laid eyes on her. Daisy portrays a distinct personality as the book progresses. Everything about her seems to be perfect, from h...

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...ndividual accustomed to the life of the poor. Fitzgerald had used Gatsby as an excellent example of wealth devaluing character as looking at this novel from an analysis of character development perspective; Gatsby creates an artificial persona devaluing everything that had immeasurable values such as self respect, family, and his past life. The motivation which had sparked this entire conflict to arise was Daisy; a demi-mondaine. An additional factor which added to Gatsby’s artificial persona would be the major conflict; devoting his life to a futile passion of rekindling his previous affection, which resulted in him defying the odds of destiny. Money is the only thing that sustains value in society as often, the rich are respected, but to what extent is money really worth when its purpose is to fulfill emptiness, yet ironically leaves one with a hallow emptiness?
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