The Detective

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The Detective When William woke, on the first cold winter's morning of the year, he found tears of cold sweat trickling down his brow. He noticed that his window had swung open during the night and as he arose to close it a short sharp shot of icy air rushed into his face. He quickly reached forward and slammed the window shut for he feared that another blast like that could turn the drops of sweat into tiny icicles. Will was about 27 years old and he had short brown hair that was full of grease because he could not afford proper shampoo. He had a large scar under his left eye, which he received after being attacked in the street by a gang of youths who were after his mobile phone, he was only 16 at the time. This may be why he became a crime fighter, a searcher for justice for the victims of the world, to try and bring righteousness to his country. His child hood dream was to become a policeman however when they found out about his "activities" in certain clubs they were not willing to let him become one of the boys in blue. So I guess becoming a detective was the next logical step. Soon after that he got dressed and entered the kitchen of the tiny flat, which he shared with his partner. He made a cup of coffee and sat at the chipboard table with his partner Peter. They were private detectives but they had not had a case in months. All they could afford was coffee and bread, the landlord was about a hair's breath away from evicting them for not paying rent, times were awful. They sat in silence for a while and then Will said in a low gruelling manner "Has the post come yet?" "Yeah, only junk mail," replied Peter in an equally monotone voice. This was a very good news, bad news situation. It was bad news because it meant no one had written to hire them and good news because there
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