The Design of Taipei 101

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Stiffness and comfort (steel outrigger trusses)

The 101 story building, 500 meters high Taipei 101 is located in Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei 101 is the pride and identity of the people of Taiwan. The building represents “concept of striving for beyond perfection” (Taipei 101 anon 2005) as it outsmarts nature with its technological features. 101 building achieved a remarkable world record for the highest building in 2004 with 101 floors hence the name Taipei 101. Designing and building the 101 building was very challenging and rewarding, as it is located in one of the most hostile places in the world. The tall building is located in Taiwan, which is constantly under attack by Mother Nature, earthquake potential and typhoon winds are just common problem which the architect, C. Y. Lee & Partners, and the structural engineers Thornton Tomasetti Inc needed to solve. The engineers of the Taipei 101 made the impossible possible (Shieh et al n.d). The initial plan was to make three building with 60 storeys building in centre, but the 60 building soon turned into 101 storey single tower building to meet investor’s demand. In order to be the most unique skyscraper in the world Taipei 101 building represents its culture (Taipei 101 Binder, 2008).

In this part of the essay we are going to investigate about how is stiffness and comfort maintained in Taipei 101, we’ll be looking in depth some of the features of Taipei 101 that work together to provide stiffness and comfort. Firstly we will be looking at the stiffness and then move on to comfort features.

How is Stiffness and comfort maintained by Taipei 101?

To provide comfort the 101 building has to deal against the nature. Taipei 101 is located in a hazard prone environment. Typhoon and ...

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