The Design Case Study: Ronel Jordaan

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Topic one
Environmental context
Contexual Research
The design case studies are designed by Ronel Jordaan who is a textile designer that uses an eco-friendly design process and raw materials. Her designs are proudly South African.
Ndebele Chair
The chair took 2-3 weeks to create. The merino wool was hand felted and the chair itself was hand-made and influenced by the Ndebele culture. The felt chair was made by hand working wool into felt and then a chair. The designer found a new way to produce and work with felt.She has avoided the use pf hybridisation by using one raw material for the chair. Ronel Jordaan Ndebele Chair (
Porcupine Cushion
The porcupine chair is inspired by the porcupine. The inners used in the cushion are 100% recycled. That means to collect all these inners a process of disassembly of other old cushions was used. The porcupine cushion design is sustainable as it is made of organic material and recycled material. Porcupine Cushion (
Riveredge wool rug
The rug is made completely by hand and needs to be taken care of accordingly, to ensure it has a longer life span. The material used in this rug is biodegradable and free of chemicals.
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The bottles in the roof are repeated this makes an impact on the design because it brings more light into the room. The design is very basic, very basic shapes are used such as squares and circles this enhances the simplicity of the design and emphasises how environmentally friendly the design is meant to be. The design has asymmetrical balance. The bottles in the roof are placed in any particular order so there is no formalness to the
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