The Depression Of Americ The Causes Of The Great Depression

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The Great Depression is said to be the most devastating time between the late 1920s through the late 1930s. Not only was The Great Depression was an economic slump in the United States, it also affected other countries, such as Europe, France, Germany and Australia. The recession that seems to plague every country in the world began in 1929 until 1939, making it the longest and biggest harsh depression to ever be involved in with the modern Western world. The years during the Great Depression was notably marked as one of the worst age of starvation and poverty in the twentieth century. So once the American economy slumped and the flow of American investment credits to Europe dried up, prosperity tended to collapse there as well. The Depression hit hardest those nations that were most deeply indebted to the United States, i.e., Germany and Great Britain. The United States had emerged from the war as the major creditor and financier of postwar Europe, whose national economies had been greatly weakened by the war itself, by war debts, and, in the case of Germany and other defeated nations, by the need to pay war reparations. The Great Depression, an immense tragedy that placed millions of Americans out of work, was the beginning of government involvement in the economy and in society as a whole. Beginning in the summer of 1929, the U.S. economy began a contraction that continued, with minor interruptions, until March of 1933 and from which the nation did not fully recover until 1939. The value of the nation’s output of goods and services, or gross national product (GNP), fell from $104 billion in 1929 to $55 billion in 1933, causing a 30 percent decline in the quantity of output and interrupting for more than a decade the historical... ... middle of paper ... Most children did not like going to school either, however, because they did not like being seen in the rags that they were accustomed to sporting during that time period. Not only did the student not show up, the teacher rarely had anywhere to instruct, because they did not receive any funds, nor did they get paid for their teaching jobs. It did not help that most of the schools were not able to supply all the necessary items, such books where there was not enough or some simply just had missing pages. Other subjects like art, music and foreign language were not taught at all anymore, because of the fact that they did not have to fund or teachers to offer those courses anymore. Many students that did attend school were crowded into one room with all grades with no running water or working electricity, making it especially hard during the winter and summer time.

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