The Departed

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The movie that I will be discussing is called, “The Departed”. The movie takes place in south Boston of Massachusetts, where the state police task force is at war with the Irish family Mafia for organized crime. There is a cop named Billy Castigan who is order to infiltrate the Irish Mafia who is ran by Frank Castello. Why Billy is busy trying to earn the trust of Frank, Colin Sullivan a harden criminal who works for Frank Castello, has infiltrated the State Police’s Special Investigation’s Unit. The undercover in the mafia and the undercover in the police department become deeply consumed by their double life gathering information about their plan and their counter-plans about the operations he has penetrated. When the State police and the Mafia both become aware that there is a mole in they’re midst, Colin and Billy are both in danger of being exposed to the enemy and raced to uncover the identity of one another to save themselves.
In this movie there are two types of groups that are intertwined with each other. The first group is the Irish Mafia who I would consider a family. A family is a group defined as intimates who through their communication generates a sense of home and group identity, complete with strong ties of loyalty and emotion, and experiences a history and a future. Underneath him he had others but most importantly he had Colin Sullivan whom he called his son and infiltrating the other group involved which was the State Police Department. The State Police group I would identify as a service group who are composed of individuals who come together to perform hands-on charitable works or to raise money to help organizations that perform such work. Although, this group doesn’t raise money or perform charitable work...

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...their real names so that he was able to run background checks on each and everyone of them to uncover a disloyal family member. Meanwhile the State Police also suspected that they as well had someone disloyal in their group as well and started their own background checks to find their mole and see who might be affiliated with the mafia. Both groups had one of their own in each other’s group and also had an additional person undercover besides the two main characters that were undercover and it was like a backup just incase one person failed. The difference between the groups were that the Mafia however had additional ways of resolving conflicts such as killing or getting rid of unwanted person’s in their organization or family that they felt were not loyal. However, the State Police (service group) didn’t possess this type of conflict resolution in the same manner.
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