The Demonstration Of The Apostolic Preaching

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Throughout the first 400 years that Christianity was present in the world it changed dramatically. It started small in an area near the eastern Mediterranean area but within these 400 years, it grew to encompass the whole of the Mediterranean and its surrounding. Throughout this time of growth, there was also much change within the beliefs of Christianity with the main belief centering around Jesus Christ. While Christianity grew and made it to new areas it was introduced to new people that interpreted the different scriptures and preaching of what it meant to be a Christian. Some of the most influential writings in these years came from Irenaeus of Lyons, a second-century writer, Christian, theologian, and bishop. He expressed his beliefs of what made a Christian a Christian within his writing. One of his most famous writings, The Demonstration of the Apostolic Preaching, highlights the idea of the Holy Trinity and the Rule of Faith in the interpretation of the bible. Irenaeus believed that the Rule of Faith was ultimately necessary and required when reading and interpreting the word of Christianity saying, in the words of Isaiah, “If ye believe not, neither shall ye understand” (paragraph 3). In the eyes of Irenaeus, the Rule of Faith is one of the main things that makes a Christian a Christian. The first part of the rule of faith reminds Christians of “God, the Father, not made, not material, invisible; one God, the creator of all things” (paragraph 5). Irenaeus believes this is important when interpreting the bible because God the Father is the creator of everything and “by His Word has created the whole world” and “has given laws wherein each several things should abide” (paragraph 10). Irenaeus says that since God is t... ... middle of paper ... ...t is from Him” (paragraph 100). A stated previously, Irenaeus puts much emphasis on the belief in all three figures. Ultimately, Irenaeus believes that the Rule of Faith is one of the major attributes that Christians must have in order to be Christian. He backs this up by mentioning the reasons why the Rule of Faith is so essential for true Christians to remember. He furthers this by giving the arguments against his viewpoint and omits them by giving his truth to what the Rule of Faith is. Overall, while there are many major beliefs that can come from Christianity, the major belief that helps with the interpretation of scriptures and the Bible can be seen in the Rule of Faith. The rule of Faith is supposed to serve as guidance and a reminder to the truths of Christianity. Without the rule of Faith, it would be easy to get lost and forget what the truth really is.

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