The Democratic Change In China

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Mrs. Carlson
English 11
10 May, 2014
The Democratic Change in China
China is the largest developing country in today’s world and the rapid growth of the Chinese economy has attracted attention from all over the world. Some people falsely think that China is a country that China is only pursuing their economic reform, but without any democratic changes. On the contrary, China actually has a long history of democratic reforms. China has a different way of democratic reform that different from western-style democracy, which made Westerners think China is a powerful country with limitations in democracy. However, my point of view is that China is not limiting their democratic change, and China is utilizing a distinctive form of democracy.
For Americans, democracy is something that they are really proud of because every people can do whatever they want to do. For Chinese, democracy (translated into Chinese as "minzhu", or "people as masters") is not a concept that “lives” in Chinese culture. In fact, it is completely opposite to Confucian idea, which stresses harmony and obedience.
China actually has some history of democratic reform since the founding of the nation before1949. Chinese democratic pioneer Dr. Sun Yat-Sen considered democracy as an inevitable step in the advancement of civilization. He advocated to Chinese people: “This world trend is vast and mighty. To follow its suit shall prosper, whereas to oppose it shall perish (qtd in Yu).” He led the first democratic revolution to defeat Qing Dynasty in order to build the whole new democratic China. However, the democratic revolution that Sun tried for finally did not succeed (qtd in Nathan).
Chairman Mao Zedong was another advocator of Chinese democratic politics. Followi...

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...ences of Chinese political development, “I may not believe that China’s democratic model is completely mature or successful. But at least, I can claim that Chinese way of democracy is extremely distinctive from the Western liberal democracy. Different contexts and cultures from Eastern and Western countries decide the differences in democracy. Therefore, it is hard to explain the Chinese way of democracy through the existing Western democratic theories” (qtd in Yu). The Chinese democratic form basically fits into the process of modernization in Chinese society. It helps Chinese people to maintain social stability, protect citizens’ basic human rights, and promote China’s belief in good governance. To China, democracy could be an opportunity to not only bring good fortune to the Chinese people, but also contribute greatly to the advancement of democratic theory.
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