The Definition Of Sustainable Tourism

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The word that sustainability comes from the Latin word “sustinere” (tenere; to hold, sus; up). Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Brundtland Report for the World Commission on Environment and Development 1992, In other words, We are living on this planet which has limited resources. For developmental, economic, social issues or to seize, reach the futuristic ideas, We are using the resources that planet gives us. Our livelihoods and incomes depend on planet’s natural resources that are rare such as oil, water, air and underground sources and biological resources such as forests, animals, land etc... Due to that relationship if we don't…show more content…
It is not only about travelling and visiting destinations, at the same time it is about exchanging of cultures and ideas. Sustainable tourism is defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveller, cultural heritage and the environment”. It seeks to provide people with an exciting and educational holiday that is also of benefit to the people of the host country ( Tourism may also cause its share of problems because of it is based on people, such as social dislocation, loss of biological diversity and cultural heritage, economic dependence and bioturbation. Sustainable tourism aims that protecting, preserving and improving the tourism resources such as natural, historical, cultural, social, aesthetic sources and keeping their attractiveness. Learning about the impacts of tourism has led many people to seek more responsible holidays. These include various forms of alternative or sustainable tourism such as nature-based tourism, ecotourism and cultural tourism. Sustainable tourism is getting more popular that become alternative to mainstream in years ( Ethic has many definitions but mostly describes as a moral philosophy. It affects how people want to live, how people lead their…show more content…
Tourism started to be a opportunity for developed and developing countries. Nations saw that tourism has directly effects on income, creating new work areas and related to that unemployment rates. Besides nations have seen that there is an opportunity to get more exchange and to close the deficit by that and also political issues and that meaned money then it becomes a mass strategy. As mentioned above that was a opportunity for the developing countries. Big complexes and tourism areas started to build up to boost the economy by ignoring the ethical factors. Cultural activities, local people’s living conditions and living standards, natural impacts weren't thought by the government or the investors. According to Ezeanu John Paul. E who wrote impact of mass tourism on host destinations, That investments and strategies have an impact on economic, physical and socio-cultural. As an economic, it started to change from inside to bottom such as prices, living conditions. By the result of that, Locals rents started to get higher also the living standards got higher. On the other hand all inclusive hotels have directly impact on locals. Tourist couldn’t earn money from those tourists who comes to that direction. In one point some of locals got hired but they just forced to do low segment jobs. They don't
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