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Music Therapy is a difficult profession to define. “What is music therapy?” is always the following question after you tell someone that you are a music therapist or are in the process of becoming one. Whenever I am asked that question, I always have a hard time knowing how to answer. There is too much in the profession to simply define it in one sentence. Through this introductory course, however, I have come to find my own definition of music therapy. This definition has evolved over the course of the past few weeks, as I have become more aware of all of the different ways music therapy can be used, and have learned that there is a lot more to music therapy then I had previously thought. Music therapy is the skillful use of music or other…show more content…
Music therapy doesn’t occur unless there is a board-certified music therapist that is specifically trained in the field. “The term music therapy refers to a profession, and similar to nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or speech therapy our profession has specific education, training, and certification requirements in order to practice” (Robb, 2014, 2). Music therapy is a tool that can be used with anyone, and is not limited to any single client base. That is one of the things about this field that makes it so unique. There are so many different populations to work with, and the method(s) used change client by client, session by session. “The American music therapist inevitably will be dealing with clients from a wide diversity of backgrounds” (Moreno, 1988, 17). Each client is different, and you cannot always predict how someone will react in certain situations. You have to be constantly aware that people react in different ways, and you cannot expect them to react how you would react in that same situation. I will have to continue to work on and improve on that awareness in myself, as I am aware that this is an extremely important skill to have as a music…show more content…
There have been many cases of music being used with clients who have suffered from strokes. These clients often lose motor control and muscular strength along with coordination in everyday tasks. Music can be used to help build these abilities back up to where they should be. “Music can act as a stimulus and a regulator of movement and the rhythm or other dynamic elements provoke spontaneous physical reflexes” (Cofrancesco, 1985, 130). In some sessions, music therapists taught their clients an instrument as a way to improve the client’s motor control (Confrancesco). I would like to learn more about the science behind how music affects the brain, and go more in-depth on the brain itself. I want to know what happens in each part of the brain when we listen to music, and how that helps or affects us, us as human beings. In the future, I hope to learn more about every client population, and what methods of music therapy are used most frequently within each population. Each population is different, and not one client is exactly alike, but I want to learn more specifically about each client group and what is most helpful for them. Music therapy is a transdisciplinary field, which is one of the things that make it hard to define as a singular field. It is made up of so many different elements and can be used along with other forms of therapy. It is able to reach so many groups of people, and is not confined to one way

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