The Definition Of Business Ethics And Ethics In Business

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1. Introduction
Most organisations recognise the importance of business ethics and values in order to sustain their business and normally they are incorporated as part of their organisation’s code of conduct. But how businesses make values and business ethics to be part of the organisational culture? What are the benefits and cost that are associated? We will look at some companies that promote business ethics and values in the organisation and how that affects them in general. It is said that organisational success is obtained from leadership roles. What are the traits of a leader and what’s the benefit of having leadership and its cost, also what are the practical application of leadership in the success of an organisation and the difference between leadership and management.
2. Definition of ethics and values in business context
According to Ken Rushton ethics are defined as the application of moral principles in making choices between right and wrong courses of action and business ethics is the application of those moral principles in making business decisions. Values can be defined as the context within which an organisation or society’s norms (the social rules that govern people’s actions towards one another) are established and justified (Nieuwenhuizen and Oosthuizen, 94). Business sustainability refers to a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risk from economic, environmental and social dimensions (Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes). Other than creating business sustainability we must constantly be aware of our market environment and consistently keep track of the macro environment factors that will affect the organisation.

3. Business ethics and values Vs Or...

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...tics of leadership
I personally think that if organisations want to survive and do well in all aspects they must adopt a strong ethical values and standards. Successful business organisation are always looking out for people with leadership potential and expose them to career experiences designed to develop that potential [paraphrase].In order to be good leaders you must not only do have all the characteristic or traits that a leader needs but you must also be able to create new leaders because the environment around is hanging and the organisation changes. And an organisation’s leadership must constantly be focusing on implementing all the plans that they have made in order to succeed. Without leadership organisations will be like a room full of employees who are behaving like headless chickens. The world not only needs great leadership but ethical ones.
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