The Definition And Meaning Of Religion In The World

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Many are asked to define what religion is. It is extremely difficult to come up with one comprehensive definition of religion that applies to every religion and every religious institution. The definition can be found in a dictionary or using a website but searching one’s conscience can be the core of what religion means to each individual. Many of us are raised according to our parents’ choice of religion and meaning of religion, but as we mature each of us need to identify and define what religion means to us. Religion to me is a set of personal beliefs, thoughts and feelings originating from a traditional set of teachings and practices that instills a sense of belonging to a supreme being and the resolve to do good deeds in the world. This question of what is religion can be viewed as a philosophical question that many books and dissertations have tried to answer. If you asked ten different people what the definition of religion is, you would get ten different answers. Asking to define religion is like asking someone to define the meaning of life. It is difficult to express one definition of…show more content…
The news and internet frequently showcase small random acts of kindness from someone helping their neighbor to religious groups helping those in need. Some people devote their entire life to making a positive change in this world and helping others such as missionaries. Many of the readings found in The Portable World Bible instruct us to love our neighbor and do good deeds in the world. Those who practice their religion are more likely to volunteer, be a stakeholder in their community, and be happy with most aspects of their lives. Evidence-based practice scholarly research articles have stated that patients who are highly religious tend to have better medical outcomes and the articles further state that those who have people praying for them during an actual surgery tend to have better

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