The Deeper Meaning In Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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Chantece Judon J. Baumgartner ENG101.7424 January 20, 2014 Essay One ; First Draft The Deeper Meaning In Alice Walker 's story "Everyday Use", she uses each character of the Johnson family to symbolize different aspects of African Americans history. The story takes place in rural Georgia during the nineteen sixties or seventies in Mama Johnson 's home. Where she resides with her youngest of two daughters, Maggie her oldest daughter Dee is returning home for the first time in a long time, and leaves with a lasting impression. In fact, this was the era of the Civil Rights Movement, African Americans were now being afforded the same rights as any other U.S. citizen. Although Walker does not day so directly, she uses an event in Johnson family history to symbolize the changes and historical value of the African American culture …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how alice walker uses each character of the johnson family to symbolize different aspects of african americans history.
  • Analyzes how mama symbolizes african american heritage, while dee represents the changes occurring in the united states during the sixties and seventies.
  • Analyzes how dee changed her name to wangero leewanika kemanjo to get in touch with their own roots.
  • Analyzes how maggie symbolizes the african american legacy in the climax of the story.
  • Analyzes how dee represents the change of life during this era. the clashing of cultures had an effect on the story.

The empowerment of African Americans came with the courage of the Civil Rights Era. The feeling of freedom was overwhelming and the people of African descent were thriving for civil liberties. The courage of the People was expressed through Dee in "Everyday Use" . As soon as Dee arrived Mama saw the changes in her daughter simply by the way she was dressed. Mama states, "A dress so loud it hurts my eyes." (Walker 6) The dress makes and Mama 's description of Dee illustrates a vibrant, brilliant person. The change during this era was a beautiful time where people were full of energy and enthusiasm for a change in American history. Mama also stated, "The dress is loose and flows, and as she walks closer,I like it." (Walker 6) With Dee representing change her clothing was different, she seemed to be a different person now , Mama was pleased with what she saw. African Americans were welcoming to the change, but the change was not all high and mighty like it had seemed to

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