The Decline of Manufacturing and the City of Elizabeth, NJ

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The 1920's were a time for a change in New Jersey. Its location made it a prominent part of the country with some of the greatest manufactures coming through the Garden State. Very much like the rest of The United States, New Jersey began the 1920's in a state of prosperity. This was a time for population and employment increase. After the War was over factory production greatly decreased but the production lines remained in somewhat high production. The 1920's brought on a completely new era of transportation and movement of goods and people. For the City of Elizabeth NJ, the 1920's brought on an era of manufacturing of goods that would help the city develop for years to come. For one, cars became easily affordable and readily available for most common people. This was also the time for Mass Production; the steel, petroleum, and glass industries all grew with the growth of the automobile industry. In Elizabeth NJ, there was a particular manufacturing focal point. The site of the first Duesenberg engine production Factory, located on Newark Avenue, was the beginning of this manufacturing era. This growth followed the path of most trends in the United States and eventually fell to a slow but sure decline; the years following the great "Roaring Twenties" brought by a time of devastation and economic suffering to the residents of Elizabeth NJ. There are various factors leading to the decline of the manufacturing era, prime among them, Environmental regulations.

The manufacturing era hit Elizabeth NJ from many angles, but a main source of production came from the extensive 2 million-square-foot Deusenberg factory on Newark Ave. The site began as an engine factory for US Air Force airplanes during the war. With the Armisti...

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