The Declaration of Independence of the United States of America

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In the year 1776 on the fourth day of July, a document was written to change forever the future of the American Colonists. Fifty-six brave men with the desire for freedom. This document was a means to rid themselves of a tyrant and his rule, ensuring unalienable rights for one and all. As John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and others penned their names. History was made, and was born the Declaration of Independence. When the Declaration of Independence was written, another document was drafted called the Articles of Confederation. This document was written to establish the government in the new country. Even though it lasted ten years, the Articles were not entirely successful. A new document was drafted and on the 17th of September 1787, the Constitution was signed. (United States Archives)
Relations between the Colonists and Great Britain had been strained for years. King George II was trying to hold the American Colonist under his absolute rule. There was the Stamp Act March 22nd, 1765, which taxed only the colonies of North America. Then the Quartering Act of 1765, where British soldiers could seize colonist houses to live in and take whatever they wanted. The Townshend Revenue Act of 1767 was a tax on paper, tea, paint, glass, oil and lead. It was designed to raise funds for the administration of the colonies. The Colonist however did not like it. It raised hostilities created during the Stamp Act. When a boat owned by John Hancock was confiscated for violation of the tax act, Boston colonists mobbed the customs office. British reinforcements were sent from Canada and England. The colonist created amongst themselves non-importation agreement. Trade stopped and because of pressure from the British merchants, E...

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... threat of a dictatorship. They had been under the rule of England for so long, that they made sure that they made provisions for the rights of the people.

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