The Declaration Of The United States

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After the Spanish American War, Many Spanish territories had been ceded such as Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba while the Philippines islands were sold to the United States. Cuba was recognized as an independent nation, but Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines were set to be annexed. The Philippines in particular was outraged and fought a war with the United States to gain its independence. The decision to annex was not unanimous as many people, including the Filipinos, Senators, American citizens, and even colored citizens were opposed to the annexation. Emilio Aguinaldo of the Philippines argued that the United States had been lying and deceiving all along with their false promises, and that they are no better than those imperialistic nations in Western Europe. It is extremely hypocritical for a country like the United States whose origin was quite similar to those of the Philippines to take the position of the oppressors and try to conquer them. Many of the actions of the United States mirror those of Great Britain at the time of the impending American Revolution. Many of the decisions simply do not make sense as the United States allowed Cuba, a more unstable country than the Philippines to be independent and govern themselves yet keep the Philippines under control due to “an unstable government.” Aguinaldo believes the answer lies within the poor perception of the Filipino people and the lingering white supremacists in power. It seems that the Americans gave the Filipinos the same status of Native Americans who were apparently nothing but annoying and ignorant savages that needed to be dealt with. Racism and white supremacy unfortunately has a long history of influencing American politics. These poor perceptions of poorly deve... ... middle of paper ... ... was a split between the people of the eighteenth century over the annexation of the Philippines. It was clear that Emilio Aguinaldo and the Filipinos did not want to be ruled over by another country much like Spain had. Many of the white politicians including President McKinley favored annexation because they believed the Filipinos were lesser people that were uncivilized and simply unfit for self-government, while also desiring the resources available on the island and its strategic location. Other people including a few politicians thought that America should not force onto others their beliefs and ideals while also not allowing them to be a free nation considering the United States was in a similar state of rebellion over a century prior. The colored citizens believed that the United States should focus its attention on domestic issues such as racial oppression.
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