The Declaration Of Independence And The Civil War

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Constitution Crisis There were many different factors that led to the Civil War including state’s rights, commercial development and most importantly slavery. All of the many different factors added up and after a while tensions grew the conflict between North and South caused the bloodiest war in united States history. Here the focus will be on some of the declarations, articles, and compromises that were major factors to the war. The Declaration of Independence and the Civil War are really two events on a collision course. The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. The Civil War began in 1861, almost 100 years later. When the Declaration of Independence was signed and stated all men were created equal, the mindset of the time was slaves were just that slaves and they had no rights. As time went on slavery became a way of life for wealthy plantation owners, mostly in the South. People who were not involved in slavery, or owning slaves, started seeing how brutal and unjust it was. When the South started getting pressured to end slavery and it became evident they might be forced to end the practice that is when the South seceded from the country, which in turn was one of many reasons the Civil War began. Lincoln felt it was essential to keep the country united and was not going to allow the Confederate States of America, what the southern leaders named the South, to divide the nation. Slavery was an issue that divided the nation and the Civil War was fought to keep the U.S. together as one country. Looking back in times, The Articles of Confederation affected America in a way that also divided American interests. The Congress that was set up by the Articles of Confederation was additionally feeble and bar... ... middle of paper ... ...tates from which they left. This was wildly displeasing in the North, and numerous northerners declined to maintain these approaches, helping escaped slaves through the Underground Railroad to Canada which caused tensions to grow. The Articles of Secession was a how the Confederacy was formed. The states seceded to keep slavery. It started with South Carolina and quickly followed by many other southern states. The newly found Confederacy not only wanted to keep slavery, but to preserve a way of life that began Jamestown in the South as newly arriving colonies discovered the real “gold” of the new world was in agricultural development. Unfortunately, without technology to boost agricultural production, cheap labor in the form of slavery set in motion a way of life that threatened the very principles of freedom so eloquently proclaimed by the founding fathers.

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