The Debate of Banning Smoking in Public Places

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The Debate of Banning Smoking in Public Places “There is no difference between a smoker and a suicide, only that one takes longer to kill themselves than the other”. Everyone has their rights, and if you want to smoke or not should be your choice because you are doing the damage to your own body. But if it’s supposed to be your choice and every gets their own choice then when you smoke in public places or wherever anyone is around you, you are making that choice for them and damaging their body not just yours. Is this unfair? Throughout this essay I will discuss the pros and cons of smoking and smoking in public places and discuss how smoking affects you and others around you. Most people are unaware that one cigarette contains over 4,000 gases and chemicals, many of which are poisonous. These substances include ammonia (found in cleaning fluids),carbon monoxide (the deadly gas in car exhaust fumes) and tar (which contains chemicals proven to cause cancer). When cigarette smoke is inhaled, these lethal substances pass into the body. But not only the body of the people that chose for that to happen but of people that didn’t choose and also for unborn babies. As any substance which enters a pregnant woman, will also enter the babies bloodstream. Research shows that woman who smoke whilst pregnant stand a much higher chance of their baby dying, being born prematurely or not weighing as much as they should. Smoking causes 100,000 premature deaths a year in Britain. Nine out of ten deaths from lung cancer are caused by smoking. Nearly a quarter of heart diseases are caused by smoking, and also less obvious things are caused by ... ... middle of paper ... ...ave give up smoking in the UK many young people are trying it for the first time this second. We are encouraged to cut down on junk food and it is too be much less available and alcohol should be soon too but why not cigarettes. The NHS spends billions each year on diseases caused by smoking. But if our country cant come to face facts and do this grand deed of banning smoking in public places then the least they can do is educate our children and gear them away from smoking as this is where the risk begins. Stopping smoking or helping and encouraging our children not to smoke is vital. There are many organizations available to help smokers but above all we must remember that we are the ones to make a difference by stressing to our younger generation that smoking is a killer, and can only ever be described as SUICIDE.
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