The Debate Surrounding Same Sex Marriage

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The new millennium brought with it opportunities that have radically transformed the society. Among the opportunities is the expansion of individuals rights that has seen gays and lesbians agitate for their rights to coexists in a marriage. The fundamental rights of the lesbian gay and transgender (LGBT) community have been recognized in the current legal framework. Even though these rights are enshrined in the constitution, the LGBT community has gone further to lobby actively for the right to marry and be recognized as spouses both socially and legally. The debate surrounding same-sex marriage has been around for more than a decade. Differing opinions on the issues have attracted legal, social and religious scrutiny. Even though the constitution and majority of the people support the rights of LGBT as a minority, the minority’s quest to have their marriages legally recognized has elicited sharp criticisms from conservatives. This is seen in the few states that have legalized same-sex marriages. Longitudinal empirical studies into the community’s perception of same-sex marriages have yielded contrasting results. While majority of the population recognizes the need to respect the rights of LGBT community as a minority, only a handful approve of same-sex marriage and its recognition as a marriage. Based on individual rights enshrined in the constitution and the need to accord LGBT their rights, it is important that same-sex marriages be legalized. Marriage should be a union of two individuals who love each other regardless of their sex. The debate surrounding same-sex marriages has been blown out of proportion in the recent past. Factual evidence has been overshadowed by side shows and religious extremism that have been influenced ... ... middle of paper ... The biggest problem that faces the gay couples is that they are not protected legally as married couples and that their marriage mimics an ideal marriage. Indeed, the raging debate on gay marriage is farfetched and ignores the basic facts presented in this paper. Based on individual’s rights of association and interaction, the place of gay marriage within the contemporary society remains paramount. Lopsided arguments against gay marriages have only advanced social stereotyping without having a sound base to develop well-articulated arguments. Factual evidence suggests that the push against gay marriage is a stereotypically driven vendetta against the gay and lesbian community that should not be tolerated in the modern society. Just like the 1950s when interracial marriages were prohibited but later accepted, gay marriages should be embraced by all in the society.
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